Our Close Protection / bodyguard training courses are aimed at serious students who will go on to use the skill taught on the courses. Our associate train both novices and experienced personnel. Our close protection training courses are training courses not classroom based seminars. We keep our students busy, as we want to give them the best value for their money. 

Our associate (STS Academy Sdn Bhd) diverse experience enables us to refine our operational and protection training techniques to be the most practical and effective commercial system available. Our close protection training course are very different from those courses offered in other close protection schools in that we do not teach high-profile Secret Service-type. Our courses are intended for the commercial operative, who aims to provide low profile protection services to clients who are under potential threat and for executives, due to the nature of their businesses are at potential risk from organized crime and terrorists. We focus on the subjects that are relevant to those conducting business in potentially high-risk environments, where high profile protection techniques would only attract the attention of criminals.

Our close protection training courses consist of theory and practical exercises; you cannot learn real world skills sitting in a classroom. There is a big difference between those who are well read, who think they know how to operate in theory, and those who can operate in the real world. We put an emphasis on pre-planning and the avoidance of any problems. Students who successfully complete our courses receive STS NSA certification. We assess students throughout the course, there is no end of course true or false test. Students are judged on their attitude, ability and whether we would be happy working with them. We can adapt the training courses to exclude firearms training, if the student requires this. In reality, when traveling internationally, there are very few countries in which you can legally have access to and carry firearms. These courses are open to civilians, police, military personnel and contractors. 



The only Malaysian academy that has over 20 years of experience in defense and security training. Our training modules and syllabus are adapted from Royal Malaysia Police Unit Tindakan khas, UK SAS, US SWAT and US Secret Service to suit Malaysian law and regulation.

Our training certification accreditation are by Department of Skills Development, Ministry of Human Resources under National Occupational Skills Standard: -

N801-002-3:2017 (Malaysian Skills Certificate, Close Protection Operation)

N801-002-4:2017 (Malaysian Skills Diploma, Close Protection Supervision)

N801-002-5:2017 (Malaysian Skills Advance Diploma, Close Protection Management)

and DS-010-3:2013 (Malaysian Skills Certificate, Security Services Supervision)

Our training methodology is 10% theory, 30% practical and 60% skills.


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