A Signal Jammer is an instrument used to prevent communication or network from receiving signals from base stations. When used, the signal jammer effectively disables all communications connections from 5m to 100m radius. These devices can be used in practically any location, but are found primarily in places where silence is expected - cell-phones jammer, prevent tracking - GPS jammers, or to avoid unlawful person to leak out the secret data - Wi-Fi/Bluetooth jammer, UHF/VHF jammer, for military or VIP with various frequencies.

Jamming signal frequency ranges:

4G - 850, 2G/3G - 900, 2G/4G - 1800, 3G - 2100, WIMAX - 2300MHz, 4G - 2600, WIFI - 2400, GLONAS, LOJACK, etc.


Military units, Security services, Secret services, Prisons, Courts, Border patrol and drug enforcement, Customs, Contract tendering rooms, News conference rooms, Meeting/Conference room, Oil and Gas storage facilities/fields, Hospital surgery room, Recording studios, Banks, Class rooms, Testing facilities, Libraries, Museums, etc.

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