Security and operation related challenges are the major problems that commercial building owners will face every day. The major security challenges include suspicious activities and unauthorized access, while the operation related challenges include service efficiency and instant verification for any incident.

To safeguard buildings from every aspect and deal with events immediately, Total Building Security Solution (TBS Solution) consists of IP, HD cameras, smart cctv EWOS, facial recognition technology, IR night sensor detection, access control system, time attendance, fire alarm and alarm intruder system, automatic license plate recognition, guard tour patrol, drone patrol and much more.

Commercial building owners nowadays are facing with the security challenges that deal with hundreds of people coming in and out of the building every day. In addition to safeguarding the intellectual and physical properties in the building, it is essential as well to protect the people who would spend half of a day working there.

However, to achieve these purposes with merely human efforts is costly, and meanwhile it also might leave some security flaws because humans make mistakes. Our TBS solution is the next leap forward that can secure your building from every aspect. Our TBS solution can integrate with a wide variety of systems and alert you immediately when any suspicious activity or event is triggered. Experience the future today with TBS integrated security and operation management solutions. Prevent unauthorized access and secure properties.

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