We are entering an era where billions of devices will be able to collect and transmit data via the internet, so much so that Gartner recently forecasted that there will be more than 6.4 billion connected ‘things’ used worldwide in 2016/17. According to market researchers, video is now the fastest growing type of data in the world, and video generated by security and surveillance systems is no small reason. While this vast amount of video data is largely being used for security purposes, as mentioned above, it is increasingly valuable as a source of business intelligence. Nowadays cctv has become an integral part of our life. Be it our home, office, factory, warehouse cctv installation is required everywhere.

Our Smart CCTV aimed to make recording and gives early warning via notification to you, prior to the occurrence of break-ins or crimes occur at your house or office. Not like other conventional CCTV, you have the opportunity to prevent "the potential crimes" before it happen. Our smart CCTV system is known as, EWOS - Early Warning Offensive System*.

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*Broadband, Wi-Fi & Internet coverage only



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